Making Good Humans Better
We believe in physical community centralized around purpose and intent. We believe in supporting ambitious founders, creators, and curators. We believe with courage, vision, and faith in the frontier, we can help ensure a vital future for ourselves and humanity at large.

Today, we must build the future our values demand.
Most dread aging; we seek eternal life. Most gaze passively at the stars; we design the machinery of exploration. Most hope purpose finds them; we live with purpose every day.

We believe the prime directive of the universe is for consciousness beings to flourish. All value systems imply a desired future; we want to live in a consciousness maximalist future.

Technology can help us build the future our values demand. We do not build technology for technology's sake but for the sake of our lives. Technology will help us live longer lives. Technology will help us live more purposeful lives. Technology will let humanity journey into eternity and the stars.

To build the future, we need to converge on a vision for it; to converge on a vision for the future, we need to converge on values. To converge on our values, we need physical communities that foster values first, that support and fuel our growth as ambitious nodes of change.

For those who feel that their ideas are valuable to the world. For those who feel their life destines them to be a part of something great. For those already changing the world for the better looking for a community to continue forward with... we are glad you came across Effective Society.

How do I know if Effective Society is right for me?
A: You feel like helping solve the worlds biggest problems is what you were born to do.
B: You want to make the world a better place.

Effective Society itself is a venture accelerator/incubator focused on building impactful charities and startups yet we welcome founders and employees of existing organizations to interview for a spot in our emergent communities.

We are aligned with the core ideas of Praxis Society (purposeful community), Effective Altruism (effective positive impact) , and the Thiel Fellowship (de-risking the path of entrepreneurship). The purpose of Effective Society is to optimize the impact potential of people by aligning capital and community in creating positive change in the world.
Our Effective Funding Model:
We believe that the current mechanism of bringing founder potential forward can be improved upon. Our model can be thought of as a Founder UBN; referring to covering the basic needs of a founder of healthy food, private housing, growth aligned community, lightning fast internet, and mentorship. The model of EffectiveSociety is to go above and beyond basic needs for STARTUP FOUNDERS by providing elite in-house agencies, funding mechanisms, talent acquisition, and distribution.

What's a Startup Society?

The main difference between an Incubator (aka Startup Studio, Venture Builder, Venture Studio, Venture Factory) and a Startup Society is a Startup Society is focused on mission, community, and culture first with building startups as a means to an end.

Effective Society inhabitants will be empowered by free use of the agency services listed below: [each one links to the company owned/partnered with Effective Society]
We hope our community will act as a fractal for inspiring more altruism and intentful communities worldwide as well as providing a stage for the builders at Effective Society to find customers, investors, and talent that will embark on helping the great visions push us past the great filter and beyond.

If your country is not listed, you may interview to found a global chapter.

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